Sweatin’ Bullets: Weetzie-Dog

Photo by Jessica Wilson in her group tagged “The Weetzie Bat Tour”, used under Creative Commons.

Zach at LAist holds CD 12 City Councilman Greig Smith to task for having an incorrect email address on his webpage, a problem that other Councilmembers also seem to have. Makes me wonder how much certain city council really wants to hear from its constituents.

Y’know that guy who parked like an asshole? Yeah – he has a blog and some choice words for the dude who left a nasty note on his car.

CurbedLA may have put themselves in danger by speculating that the Chicago boys who started last Friday’s fire, putting the Hollywood sign at risk, may have been goons from the Chicago Olympic Committee.

While the boss/lead blogger at LA’s Homeless Blog is out of town, his less balanced (politically, possibly mentally) staff at PATH have decided to take over the blog and promise to shake things up with “the real story of homelessness that they won’t talk about in public.” First up, they tackle the issue of the ACLU and LAPD in skidrow.

Westsiders are as concerned about traffic as downtowners are about the homeless, but both tend to have a NIMFY (Not In My Front Yard) approach to the problems, says TJ Sullivan at LAO’s Native Intelligence.

Deepest sympathies from all of us at blogging.la to Kevin Roderick and family on the passing of his father, Robert.

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