More Free Coffee from Starbucks?

GroundsDon’t get too excited, because a free cup o’ joe it’s not. Starbucks has probably been doing this forever, but I just noticed this last week at the *B’s location on Glendale and Fletcher. It’s a big ol’ basket of dirty, used coffee grounds free for the taking! The program is called “Grounds for Your Garden,” so it’s obviously directed at the urban green thumbs among you. However, if you had another use for them, I’m sure they’d be okay with you helping yourself. I’m thinking “beard for a hobo halloween costume.”

3 thoughts on “More Free Coffee from Starbucks?”

  1. This is awesome, are all the s’buckies doing this? For you non-gardener types coffee grounds are a pure nitrogen fix of the highest order for your plants hence their use in the garden. Its pretty much the same effect as the double latte whatever in a grande’ you had this morning. And after the short nitrogen fix it becomes nice organics amending your soil for the long run. Can’t loose on this deal.
    And you thought I only came here to be a smart ass.

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