LAPD gets new flashlight, criminals buy sunglasses in preparation.

I always think it’s funny when I read local LA news on websites with more of a national focus. I was scrolling through Engadget today and saw (via the New Zealand Herald, of all places?) that our police officers are getting…new flashlights! Holy crap, stop the presses. I suppose the story isn’t all that noteworthy but the fact that everyone seems to be really interested in is that the new flashlights aren’t heavy enough to beat people with. They ARE apparently bright enough to dazzle the criminals into submission though…or maybe just distract them long enough until the police can pull out their batons and prepare for a pummelin’. It’s sad that it’s at least somewhat newsworthy that our cops are no longer physically capable of beating people with their flashlights.

That being said, the new light is kind of rad though, it’s a super-bright Pelican 7060. I kinda want one too, and little did I know, but Pelican is actually based not too far away in Torrance. Despite the cops picking up this bright shiny piece, and my own tendency to be distracted by all things bright and shiny, I think I’m gonna keep rocking the 4 D-cell maglite in my car. I think I still trust the stopping power of a thump on the head over the shiny bright lights.

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  1. The 7060 retails for about $200, but you can get them on sale for under $140. The L.A.P.D. is probably getting an additional discount of about $40.

    The story goes that Chief Bratton banned the popular (and big ol’ 2-pound) Maglights after a 2004 beating of Stanley Miller.

  2. I suppose the story isn’t all that noteworthy but the fact that everyone seems to be really interested in is that the new flashlights aren’t heavy enough to beat people with.

    That’s the whole point. The LAPD was specifically looking for a flashlight that couldn’t be used for police brutality.

  3. The Times article says the light can temporarily blind someone. After that, you can hit them with the tazer.

  4. Here is another one.

    Former Las Cruces, Grants corrections officer convicted

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) – A federal jury on Monday found a former corrections officer guilty of assaulting two prisoners in Las Cruces and Grants.

    John Gould was convicted of assaulting a prisoner at the Doña Ana County Detention Center in October 2002 and another inmate at the Cibola County Detention Center in March 2004.

    He also was convicted of obstructing justice.

    He had been accused of falsifying reports to cover up the crimes.

    No sentencing date has been set.

    Gould faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each of four convictions.

    The Department of Justice says two convictions were related to the assaults and two were for obstructing justice.

    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


    This is the kind of story that the average reader rarely gets to read. Corruption by law enforcement. Some law enforcement officers feel that just because they have a badge, that they can get away with anything. Any many actually do.

    This goes to prove that there are some very bad cops out there. Cops that take the law into their own hands and then try to cover it up their wrongdoings. It happens every day. You and I just do not hear about it.

    Some law enforcement cadets that are accepted into the Law Enforcement Academy have some serious psychological problems. Some are able to slip by all of the screening and fake their real emotions and feelings. Not to mention their own insecurities and personal vendettas.

    These same people once they become sworn officers of the law become more dangerous that the criminals that they will eventually arrest. They have this feeling that since they have the badge that they can get away with anything they want. After all, whom are they going to believe… the “alleged” criminal or the so-called upstanding cop? It is all a fraud that is allowed to happen. Cops protect cops. Unless the FBI as in this case steps in to investigate.

    How many cases of abuse and corruption go un-noticed? How many complaints of prisoner abuse get swept under the rug by the same Sheriffs and Police Chiefs just to protect “their” officers. Who are the real criminals in these cases? Of course, to prove abuse or corruption, a person needs a good lawyer willing to investigate and file the charges. It takes money, and the average prisoner usually does not have two pennies to rub together much less hire an attorney.

    So what really happens? The cops continue to abuse their authority and abuse people under the “color of authority.” The cops themselves know that their senior officers protect them, and that is why they are allowed to abuse prisoners. These are the stories that need to be flushed out.

    I assure you, there are police officers and Deputy Sheriffs that as corrupt as they come, yet are protected by their superiors. It is all a hush hush deal.”Keep it quiet. Do not let this leak out to the press.”

    So who loses? The alleged suspect loses. When law enforcement arrests someone, they act as if they have an iron clad,”righteous collar. They become judge and jury by the way they act and treat the alleged suspect. Moreover, the worse part is that they get away with it time and time again. Who is looking? Who is going to tell when another cop abuses a prisoner? Cops protect cops, and it is time to flush these crooks out before they are allowed to continue to abuse the people that they are duly sworn to protect.

    My entire family is in law enforcement here in Las Cruces. I hear the stories of abuse. I have listened to the inside details of corruption by fellow officers. It is not entirely a secret. However, to prove it, takes time, a good lawyers. Going up against the City or the County is tough business. They know it, and I know it. It is a game of chess. Who really wins? I will tell you who. The cops do. Why? Because they have, the badge and they have the best protection ever. Cops protecting cops. It is as historic as life itself. But does it really have to be this way? Are there any honest cops anymore?

    Where are the Alphonse Persico’s (FAMOUS NY CITY COP WHO TOLD THE TRUTH) in this country? Cops who stood up and told the truth about corruption and abuse under color of authority? I am just looking for ONE. Just ONE who is willing to stand up and tell the truth of what REALLY happens when a suspect is arrested and taken to the county detention center.

    Remember these guys are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, the cops have their own saying:”Guilty until proven innocent.”

    I assure you that they will do all that they can to prove someone guilty even if it means to manufacture evidence. How do I know? I have been there. I have been on both sides of the law. I have been there too many times to know what really takes place. I have seen it with my own eyes.

    There are good cops, somewhere. Do not get me wrong. I am just looking for one. One that will treat a suspect as if he is possibly innocent and not rough handle him/her just because they can and can get away with it.

    I am just looking for ONE cop who will give a suspect the benefit of the doubt and leave it in the hands of the judge and the jury, and not take it upon him/her self to make a mockery of the suspect while booking him in the county detention facility.

    I am just looking for one who will just do their job, and not write police reports that are full of personal judgmental in order to “secure a conviction.”

    That is really the name of the game.”Secure a Conviction.” I have been to Roll Call after Roll Call… and not a day goes by that this is not said:”Remember, it is US against them. Make sure you cover all of the bases in your reports to insure a conviction.” Does this mean: Lie if you have to… but make sure your reports stands up in court. As I said, it is a game of chess.

    There are two types of Justice in America. Rich man’s justice and poor man’s justice. If you have, a high profile lawyer or a ten man defense team that will cost you millions (O.J. Simpson)”Justice is for sale.”

    However, if you are like me… an average poor guy just trying to live… you can kiss your behind good by. You will not have a chance in hell. And the truth will never be heard.

    Nevertheless, it does not end there. Once a person is convicted and goes to prison, it is still not over. When he/she gets out… it is yet a continuation of the same. Once convicted… you will pay for the rest of your life. Don’t let them fool you. Convicted felons NEVER pay their debt to society. Society will never let us have a real Second Chance.

    Oh, but that is yet another story still to be told. Stay tuned…. it is not over yet!

    Fred Brito
    Las Cruces, NM

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