From the Suggestion Box: Firebombs, Marching and the River

Here’s a few items that were sitting in our suggestions box that might be worth checking out further..suggestion.jpg

• Kelly Russell writes in to tell us about her car getting torched in Highland Park with no resulting police report. Yes, her car got torched.

‚Ä¢ Cutter went to an anti war rally and now wants to know “What the fuck are we marching for?” He’s got a pretty interesting write up of what he saw there.

• Nicole writes in with a story of cops busting underage drinkers at the Drawing Room. She says:
“I was at the Drawing Room in Los Feliz last night, when all of a sudden abunch of cops came in, went directly for the table next to me, ID’ed the girls, and called the bartender over for serving minors. The whole thing reeked of the poor bartender being set up- the cops didn’t even look at any one else in the bar ( I’m no 17 year old, but I do get carded regularly) and plainclothes cops were all over the place.”

• More Hollywood Fire pics! Taken by Pixel Rust and Justinspace.

‚Ä¢ Plasmatic Concepts recently created a 27-minute documentary film about the Los Angels River. You can watch it online here. Sarah Lorenzen writes “This film weaves together citizens’ voices, river imagery, historical documents, and visuals from the city’s proposed Master Plan. The goal was to explain how current and past efforts have shaped the debate about what the river and its adjacent areas should look like.”