Chowhound asks: “top five cheap restaurants in northeast LA/glendale/pasadena?”

A post over on Chowhound is asking just that. They are requesting any chains be omitted from answers, and for the record “cheap” means under $12 for dinner or lunch, or under $8 for breakfast. Bonus for specials under $6. There are over 100 answers so far, most of which I’ve never tried or heard of. Not saying they aren’t good answers, I’m saying clearly I’m not very versed in cheap food in the Glendale/Pasadena area. Tonny’s, Connal’s, Lebanese Kitchen, Wolfe Burger, SinBaLa, Polka, Conrads, Cafe Bravo… the list goes on and none of those names mean anything to me. Clearly I’m missing out. Before rushing off to try the million places listed in that thread, any readers have an opinion on this one? Bonus points here are granted for places with vegan options.

9 thoughts on “Chowhound asks: “top five cheap restaurants in northeast LA/glendale/pasadena?””

  1. As a G’Dale Citizen I reccomend the follow:

    Ichiban Sushi- Awesome service, decent fish, cheapest sushi anywhere. They a lunch special which is under 10.

    Foxy’s- Great breakfast, most items under 10.

    Zankou Chicken- If you don’t know what it is, I weep for you.

    and finally:

    Porto’s- The Most Awesomest Place in all of glendale. Best cookies evah. Suck on that Diddy Reese.

  2. Pita! Pita! on Colorado has a good veggie combo plate (which I assume is also vegan) of falafel, hummus, grape leaves, and more for about $8. It’s one of the best falafels out there, way better than the pucks from Zankou.

  3. My picks would be Zankou (although there are multiple locations–does that make it a chain?), Casa Bianca, Polka, India Sweets and Spices, and Sanamluang (I’m cheating on the last one–probably not far enough northeast to qualify)

  4. Timbo’s on Ave 64 is the best undiscovered place in NELA. Pricing is super cheap ( $1 tacos! ), quality is great ( handmade tortillas! ) and it’s charming enough to sit down ( table outside for the canine dependent! ).

    For vegan, go for the 2 handmade tortillas ( 75¬¢ ) and the guacamole ( $2.25 )… it doesn’t sound like much, but add an horchata and you have a pretty great lunch.

    By the way, Porto’s is obviously the best place in Glendale ( not saying much ) and really has a handle on Cuban pastries, but Diddy Reese’s cookies can’t be beat.

  5. When I have a Filipino food craving, I go to Arko on Colorado at Verdugo Road in Glendale, in the parking lot next to Zankou. It ain’t my mom’s house, but it’ll sure cure a craving. Also, there is a Little Ongpin in Eagle Rock, with my favorite miki bihon ever.

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