Seriously Bitchen’ Spraycan Art

On our way to the Cannibal Flower show last night, a friend and I took Melrose east. We’d just sorta of passed the Hancock Park area when this loomed up on our left. I gawped, screeched to a halt and pulled over. This is an amazing appropriation of existing imagery, and in my opinion, I prefer v.2.


Bigger image behind the jump.

[click to biggify]

Anyone know who did this? It’s amazing. I’m not good enough at analyzing this stuff to see if the writer created a name in here or not…it all looks abstracted to me.

3 thoughts on “Seriously Bitchen’ Spraycan Art”

  1. There’s another really nicely done one on Sunset near Sunset Junction. The colors matched really well and it just looked like it was dovetailing the image well.

    I’ll see if I can get a snap of it tomorrow.

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