Lizard People Moving to Oakland

Breaking news that Los Angeles’s legendary underground lizard people have signed a tentative deal with the city of Oakland to move to a brand-new underground city to be built for them underneath the East Bay. The state-of-the-art facility will be three times the size of the current lair, and include escalators for easy access to the surface, free fiber-optic and wi-max internet connectivity, and an unspecified number of luxury boxes.

No word on rumors that Al Davis helped broker the agreement.

2 thoughts on “Lizard People Moving to Oakland”

  1. Topping that news the city of LA has banned further residential occupancy in the city core opting to reap the benefits of 24/7 unfettered filming.
    Reggie the wayward ‘gator has been captured, purses, wallets and other souvenir’s soon to be available at Venice and other reliable original only resource centers.
    The governator and idi villaraigosa have announced the return of red car lines, fully subsidized to remove traffic from the freeways and once and for all remove the fuzzy brown blanket that envelopes the metro area.
    Prius banned from city due to potential lead pollution.

  2. Okay, I didn’t mention this earlier when you posted in the urban legends series, but they’re NOT LIZARDS. They are reptiles in a different order, more closely resembling crocodiles than lizards. Some have suggested the classication order be called Anthrodilia.

    Please fact check these things!

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