Benefit Bike Ri — OMG! The Silver Lake Walking Dude!

Whilst gathered and awaiting the readysetgo to begin the bike ride this afternoon from the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s to the Grand Avenue Club downtown where the benefit for TJ’s crew member and cyclist Adam Authier was taking place, who should make an appearance but the infamous Walking Dude of Silver Lake. Whilst the inimitable cycling advocate Stephen Box dared to engage the icon in conversation, I managed to bestill my shaking hands at his close and closing proximity and capture a few frames of the dude doing what he does so well and frequently: walking (image sequence is clickistically biggificational).

Photos not of the Silver Lake Walking Dude (mostly) and of the actually ride and benefit are here on Flickr, and on the other side of the jump just because there’s a brief YouTube vidclip embed of the riders crossing Allesandro at Riverside Drive.

5 thoughts on “Benefit Bike Ri — OMG! The Silver Lake Walking Dude!”

  1. My daughter and I see the “Good Doctor” everyday and we always wonder if he’s ever heard of skin cancer…

  2. funny thing about skin cancer, it seems that it’s ok to get lots of sun exposure as long as you don’t burn. sorry, no link, but some study found that construction workers who get lots of regular sun exposure don’t have a higher risk of skin cancer than those who work inside.

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