A Course is a Course, of Course

RTEmagicC_LAMlogo.gif.gifJust a warning, the Marathon is Sunday. I you want to go somewhere on Sunday you should probably look at the new course and familiarize yourself with the fresh clusterfuck known as traversing town during the running/biking event.

The LA Times has a kooky (and I admit, I liked it) course map with sound bytes and items of note along the course.

Check out their special page.

It also show an elevation map at the same time – the course starts at 593 feet above sea level and within a mile and a half peaks out at 774 feet with a rather steep descent to about 350 within three miles. The lowest point is 157 feet around mile 12-13 (somewhere on Normandie) and then some swift 50 or so feet up and back down between miles 22 and 23 then finishing up at 298 feet above sea level downtown at the end.

Our own Will Campbell is planning to bike/walk it again this year, I’m sure he’ll have the lowdown on the up-and-down on Sunday night.

See the LA Times full story on the road closures and see the LA Marathon site for copius maps & schedules.

The Los Angeles Grindhouse Festival

bloodsplatteredposter.jpgme: OMFG!! 2 months of grindhouse films at the New Beverly!
Jason: yeah, not bad. You gotta be in heaven
me: no way, I’m in hell trying to figure out how I can find the time/cash to see all of them!

In case you’ve missed the news, for the entire months of March and April, Quentin Tarantino is booking the New Beverly (on Beverly near La Brea) with grindhouse double and triple features. Of course this is all leading up to the release of his his new project (which looks to be one of the coolest things ever made) but in the mean time we get to see all the inspiration for it. The official schedule is online, though some of the links on that page gave me some trouble (they are IMDB searches) so I redid them all with direct links to the movies, all that after the jump. Anyone who ever questions the wisdom of living in LA should just be shown this and will be instantly forced to STFU. If you want to know more about the grindhouse genre this post is a fantastic place to start (and also where I found some of the images I used below).

The vast majority of these movies were known by several names, especially the ones that were not made in the US. Many of them are Italian or Chinese and were given different names depending on who they were being marked to, but these are the ones the theater is using so that’s what I’m sticking with.

OK, get out your calendar and start blocking out dates…
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Where’s a guy gotta go to get a HepA Shot?

marykbaird_P1020418.jpgKen Levine had an interesting post yesterday.

After attending the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party … you know the one that was catered by Wolfgang Puck, Levine thought it was best to get a Hepatitis A shot (not his first, apparently).

And of course the word comes to him that he’d been exposed at the very end of the 14 day period when the shot may actually prevent infection. So where in Los Angeles do you actually go to get the shot within the next 24 hours? Apparently it’s not carried at every doctor’s office or hospital like you might think.

Read full post at KenLevine.Blogspot.com.

Photo courtesy of marykbaird at morguefile. Previous coverage on Blogging.la of Puck/HepatitisA.

Minuteman Mudslinging Match: Grab a Beer

minutemen_hijackers.jpgBack when I was running LAVoice.org, I subscribed to just about every LA-centric political mailing list I could find. I keep a few of these subscriptions running for sheer entertainment value, including the one for the Minutemen.

Say what you like about their stance on illegal immigration, the Minutemen offer a lot of snicker value – strutting up and down the Mexican border with guns on their hips (what are they gonna do, shoot the braceros for crossing the border in search of a better paycheck?), paper-spamming Congress with the “Fax Hammer” and generally demonizing the foreign poor.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more cartoonish comes this week’s meltdown of founder Jim Gilchrist’s regime and impending court date – and an email campaign from the new “boss” generally slamming him.

Check out the schizophrenic home page which has little gifs like the one at right beating up on the “hijackers” and generally begging you to “Stand with Jim Gilchrist!”

Dueling press releases after the jump:
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Eastern Conference Champions’ Gear Stolen…


Turesday, Kevin Bronson at BuzzBands reported that Eastern Conference Champions (MySpace)’ gear was stolen on Monday night from their tour van in Hollywood:

Eastern Conference Champions finished its February residency at the Silverlake Lounge with a bang on Monday night. Then, thieves lowered the boom on the Philadelphia-area trio.

The band’s van, parked on a side street in Hollywood off La Brea, was burglarized and ECC’s gear was stolen. “Every bit of it,” front man Josh Ostrander said this morning, still in shock. “Well, they left our T-shirts.”

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Midnight Club…

Reminiscent of the street-racing videogame series Midnight Club (Volume II includes Los Angeles as a playable city), I saw a race between a Chrysler 300 and Ford Mustang, on Tuesday night around midnight at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Sunset in West Hollywood.

When the traffic light hit green, the 300 (on the left) had the better start, but the Mustang (on the right) quickly closed the gap and raced past the 300 northbound on Laurel Canyon Blvd. As quickly as it started, the race ended, as both cars eventually slowed down and made a right onto Hollywood.

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