Magritte Attacked By Ladybugs

ladybugs.jpgIf you were trying to see the Magritte exhibit at LACMA on Friday there’s an extremely small chance your plans were thwarted by swarms of ladybugs. Some prankster dumped a bag of the little guys in one of the galleries and it took close to 15 minutes for guards to clean them all up. During this time the exhibit was closed and evacuated. No word yet on the specific terrorist intentions the ladybugs had but you can rest assured each and every one of them will be interrogated.

Really, the one web page you need to deal with the LA Marathon

More important than that all important race map is, or even a list of Marathon-caused road closures, is:

This comes via the City’s page of Traffic Conditions for the 2007 Los Angeles Marathon which provides plenty o’ detail on start times for specific races (Bike Tour, 5-K, etc.) and maps for both race courses, including detours.

Use it, abuse it, but most of all, good luck Marathoners (especially Will Campbell)!!!


wanted-poster.jpgOk, what genius at Girl Scouting World HQ decided Los Angeles doesn’t get Lemon Coolers this year?

A source who shall remain nameless (I know people) informs me they are selling them in Ventura County.

I will drive to Ventura County to get my Lemon Coolers fix. I will.

But I won’t be in a good mood when I get there.

Brownies of Oxnard! Juniors of Camarillo! Cadettes of Westlake Village! ARE YOUR DOORS LOCKED?! I bet they aren’t! Ha! Hahahaha!!! Ahahahaha!!!!


Seriously, is there any place to buy those little buggers around here?

Chinese New Year = Cheerleaders!!!

If you’re a fan of cheerleaders, you might want to head over to Hollywood and Highland. It seems to be crawling with bus loads of them – most likely for the Chinese New Year Celebration. What you may ask, I thought the Chinese New Year started last week? Well it did. But the Oscar’s were happening so the New Year celebrations had to wait.

Go Pig!

75% Off Sale at Litte Knittery RIGHT NOW

[apologies for overuse of exclamation points]

No time to blog – The Little Knittery is having a HUGE sale!

Books, magazines, and the most glorious yarns, many at 75% OFF!

I was in there right when they opened at 11am and it was already like a Lucy episode – the tiny store jammed with people, all scurrying to hoard the best stuff.

The amazing handspuns, hand-dyeds, cashmere, and even the Misti Alpaca is on sale!!

Also, all books and mags are on sale – 15 to 75% off!! (That includes the
new Rowan Studios magazines!)

Today (Sat) Only

The Little Knittery
4712 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90027

Girls arrested for stickering illegally placed campaign signs

A little over a week ago in Glendora, two 18 year old women decided to slap some stickers on political signs touting local officials. The stickers pointed out the city’s law against placing campaign signage on public property:

“This sign violates Glendora city ordinance.”

Jim Newton at the LA Times writes: “The same council members who passed the regulations appeared to be violating them.”

One of these councilmen, Gary Glifford, saw them placing the stickers on his illegally placed reelection signs, and called the police. Four cruisers responded – all of Glendora’s squad cars on duty – and arrested the teens, handcuffs and all. They were interrorgated and detained for four hours.

Defending his actions, Glifford said that the girls were “blowing the incident out of proportion.”

The remedy for such violations, he adds, is to file a complaint, not to deface property. “You still don’t have the right to vandalize,” he said. “It’s just not appropriate behavior.”

More at the Times.

A post about the sexy talk

Free live phone sex. Kinda. That’s my unrefined synopsis of Polly Frost and Ray Sawhill’s “Sex Scenes”, a staged reading performed last Wednesday at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood.

“Sex Scenes” consisted of a quartet of sometimes harder than softcore pornographic tales, which a more refined pervert might call “erotica”. Read by a slate of mostly local actors, the stories almost all involved characters working in or around the film industry, and each focused on a different sexual preference:

A young man has his first homosexual encounter with an A-List actor, who ensures him that giving each other blow jobs “isn’t gay at all.”; Seperated by a plane of glass, a prison inmate has “phone sex” with a sultry visitor who roleplays being a teacher keeping him in detention; a pair of brother movie directors discover their sultry starlet is more than happy to indulge their kink of being furries; an up and coming woman director inadvertently brings out, and entertains, the secret submissive/S&M slave side of a high powered studio exec.
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The 4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational: A Report

I was slicing Granny Smith apples at my first Grilled Cheese Invitational in 2003 when the knife slipped and drew a serrated slash across the knuckle of my thumb.

I stared dumbstruck as blood welled up from the slice; then, shaking myself into awareness, forced myself to place the apple in my left hand down on the table, and used my left hand to seize my right thumb, applying pressure and holding the wound closed.

That was Year One.

Year Two, I prepped at home. I cut a fresh-baked pumpernickel loaf (I tried three different bakeries before I found the perfect loaf) into small slices, buttered and toasted them, then used a pastry brush to apply caramel to the crispy top side of each. I cooked thinly-sliced Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples (each peeled in a spiral so each slice had stripes of pink or green) in a little raw sugar until they were caramelized, then placed first one thin slice of brie atop the bread and caramel, then a few slices of apple. I had plans to take them to the GCI, grill them, then drizzle them with more caramel and sprinkle a little bit of reggiano cheese and creme fraiche on top.

I loaded them onto baking sheets, took them Downtown to Theory Labs where the GCI was held at that time, and set them on a table while I registered…
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Surf Report – March 2

Photo: Swellmagnet

The rain’s kept some of us out of the ocean these past few days (specifically, those who haven’t developed a resistance to ingesting fecal waste), but strict observers of the 3-day rule got back in today. The wind was finally blowing the right way, but the waves sucked. Breaking really close to shore and closing out. And it was cold. It felt like Norcal water. Everytime you went under, your brain was like, “Why are you being such an asshole to your extremities?” I saw only three guys, one dolphin, and one sea lion in the water when I was out. The guy in the snap above looked like he was handling the cold better than the rest of us — but probably because at this moment he was closer to the sun.

Clean up LA and meet Hillary Clinton tomorrow morning!

This just in from the Tom LaBonge office:

Join us tomorrow for the first ever Keep Los Angeles Beautiful Clean Up. You can start early and meet us at the BofA on Larchmont (1st and Larchmont) at 7:30 a.m. to pick up trash and clear tree wells for about an hour before heading downtown for the big kick off event at City Hall at around 9 a.m. with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and surprise guest Hillary Rodham Clinton. The hour long program features bands and other entertainment. At 11 a.m., the CD4 team moves on to the Silver Lake Recreation Center (1850 West Silver Lake Drive Los Angeles, CA 90026) to beautify parts of the neighborhood. Wear work clothes and bring gloves. We supply the trucks, the trash bags and camaraderie!

Mercury Terror Threat Crushed

Justice has been served. Send it back to the kitchen! It tastes funny!

The man who was spotted on MTA surveillance cams pouring mercury onto the platform of the Pershing Square subway station just got slapped with a 90-day jail sentence and three years’ probation.

Armando Bustamante Miranda pleaded no contest. Guess he couldn’t afford a decent lawyer.

The crime? Releasing a harmful substance in a public area. The risk? None, unless someone was self-destructive enough to get down on all fours and lick the stuff up off the platform.

Does this mean we’ll see Rocketdyne, the city sewage department and, oh, everyone on this list spending 3 months in jail along with Armando? Just wonderin’.

Where to adopt stray Black Cats and feral Tuxedo Cats local cat legend and info on a black cat only adoption event this Saturday

As previously mentioned, next week we’ll be counting down the Top 25 Los Angeles Legends here at When I asked readers in advance to share with us some of our favorites, commenter Josh wrote in with this pic (at right):

Has anyone heard about the Mays cats of Silver Lake? Someone once told me that the reason you see a lot of stray “tuxedo” cats (black cats with white socks and bellies) around LF-SL-EP is that the Mays family lived in a mansion up some hill and bred oodles of tuxedo cats, most of whom wandered off. I adopted one, and then another one found that one, and after the mistaken-identity follies wore off, a friend adopted the second one.

His name was Spencer. He lost a fight with Silver Lake Boulevard in early 2006. The lookalike who came to stay was named Spencette.

The lesson here, apparently, is if you want a tuxedo cat just take a drive to Silver Lake and grab one (but check for a collar first, just in case its already been claimed).

However, if you’re interested in adopting an even more fabled feline – the black cat – there will be a special Black Cat Only adoption event this Saturday at the West Los Angeles Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies.

Black cats are so legendary, in fact, that many Humane Societies ban their adoptions around Halloween and other “Satanic” holidays, for fear that they’ll be used as sacrifices (more at Snopes). Fortunately, the next dangerous holiday on the calendar is St. Patricks Day on the 17th, when green cat adoptions will be prohibited. Or leprechaun adoptions. (your pick, whichever is funnier).
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Offshore Report (March 1)

dolphinicon.gifWe’re in turnaround time for the Gray Whale migration. It looks like the whales have started heading north, though there are far fewer being sighted daily out at Pt. Vicente (only 20 northbound in the past week and 17 southbound). We may have a brief gap where whales will be rare before the bulk of the northbound migration is seen off the PV coast.

dolphinicon.gifA Humpback Whale was sighted by the ACS Census last Thursday. Feeding must be good in the Channel to bring them into the area. Fin Whales continue to show up off of Palos Verdes.

dolphinicon.gifCool article in the LA Times about a ship repo man. This guy looks like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” of the Seas – someone get him his own TV show!

dolphinicon.gifI’m going out on Saturday morning (10 AM) from Redondo Sportfishing on the Voyager. The weather looks like it’s going to be great. All aboard!

dolphinicon.gifIf you want to stay on land but still want to take in some whales, check out Whale of a Day at the Pt. Vicente Interpretive Center from 10 AM to 4 PM. Lots of activities, special displays and a presentation by John Olguin from 11 AM to noon about the history of whale watching. The Pt. Vicente Lighthouse will also be open to the public.

See all the Offshore Reports here.

Punk Rock Professor

Last fall, my department managed to woo some high profile professors to UCLA. The recently married professors brought with them lots of funding, prestige and the Harvard Civil Rights project. My peers were excited. These professors were “rock stars” in the field of educational research. They may have the status in academia, but outside of the “ivy-covered walls”, few know their names.

That’s not the case with Greg Graffin currently teaching Life Sciences 1 (evolution, ecology & biodiversity) to a few hundred freshman and sophomores at UCLA this quarter. Graffin fronts Bad Religion and has been balancing science and music for many years. The Daily Bruin profiled him today:

Listen in on one of Greg Graffin’s lectures and you’ll encounter an eloquent, soft-spoken man. The life science professor might even crack a joke here or there, keeping his audience captivated as he delves into the mysteries of evolution, ecology and the diversity of life.

It’s hard to believe that this same man fronts Bad Religion, the band widely known as the “Godfathers of Punk.”

“I get a lot less sleep than most people,” Graffin said. “Of course, there are a lot of people – researchers on campus, who are living in their labs and accomplishing a great deal, and doctors who are always on call – these are people just as productive as me, except my other half of productivity goes into music and songwriting.”

The UCLA graduate decided to return to his alma mater to teach Life Science 1 while recording the as-yet-untitled 14th album with his band. (link)

Photo by Dead End Girl.