Totally Legal Art Thing Tonight

So here’s something I can really post on without my conscience hammering away at me (despite the fact that I have friends in the show; here on b.LA, opposite from my actual “real” work, I’m an artist first, a writer second).
Dover’s Infusion Gallery downtown on Spring Street will play host to the latest Cannibal Flower show tonight. These things go down every month, and along with the openings at the Hive often seem to host some of the more promising groundswells of local artists. The Gallery Row artwalk and a schlep through Culver City are great ways to see the cream of the crop of both locals and international artists, and to get the flavor of what’s leading now in the art world–however, I dunno about you, but by the time their work hits these galleries, I can’t afford it (sorry, Caryn–I’m just dirt broke). Cannibal Flower shows, anything at the Hive, and also any of those hepcat Project: gallery events (recently relocated to Culver City) are good places to hone your tastes, decide what you like and don’t like, and handpick work by artists while they’re still affordable. There’s a lot of crap (as my professional mentor & spiritual guru says, “Most art sucks“), but there’s a lot of really fantastic work too. I might buy something tonight if I weren’t savin’ up my dough for a final trip snowboarding* this next week. Cannibal Flower shows are a cavalcade of DJ acts, bizarre bands (I liked the ninja band from a few shows ago), outrageous art, live painting, and peoplewatching unrivalled in Los Angeles, except possibly by Venice Beach. They’re so much more than an “art party”–it’s like an art carnival, with all the ribald insanity and off-the-hookness that implies.

Also tonight at CF is a performance by Lolita La Vey’s burlesque troupe [let me take a moment here to sigh with regret at the road not taken…sigh], who are effing awesome, and who, if you haven’t already seen ’em at El Cid, you should totally check out.

Dress totally weird and they’ll let you in as “walking art” for a discount. Address and info on the flyer at right: click to embiggen.

Blogged to the sounds of Athalia’s early ep from a few years ago; the dude has worked with Dntel (The Postal Service) and Strictly Ballroom, and is now known as The Minor Canon (myspace). They have a residency at Spaceland next month. I still have a soft spot for Athalia.

*also know as, “falling on my ass in the snow repeatedly while sliding down a mountain”

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  1. Dang…do you think you could give us more notice on the cool stuff like this? I have to arrange these events in advance I need a sitter for my youngest still! Would have loved to see this one.

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