My heart is broken again, I have no energy for an 8 clap

Dear Bruins,

I know y’all were the underdogs, but dammit. What happened?! I can’t believe you let this dude run you down like that. (Ok, I know it was really Brewer who pwned you, but I had to share that link.)

I’ll still wear my blue and gold on my sleeve but right now it’s all gnarly from the tears and snot and all.

This was not the way it was supposed to go down in Atlanta… stop breakin’ my heart, boys.

Let’s go all the way in ’08, ok?


3 thoughts on “My heart is broken again, I have no energy for an 8 clap”

  1. So disappointed right now. At points it was so much like last year’s game it seemed like a nightmare.

    I know everyone assumed that Afflalo would be leaving, but after that game, I could see him coming back for one more shot–and playing alongside Kevin Love would be quite a double threat.

  2. I knew my utter lack of school spirit would pay off some day.

    Sorry, Bruins. I’ll summon up the energy to cheer for you when I’m not exhausted working my fingers to the bone trying to make a living from that fine, fine Art History degree you gave me.

    Please stop calling me asking for money.

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