Have a taco and celebrate

tacos.jpg Mexico’s celebrating it’s newest holiday today, D√≠a del Taco (website in Spanish only) today. In Mexico City, they’ve converted the Azteca Stadium in to a giant taquer√≠a and will have a big concert to celebrate.

I found out about the holiday when I asked a cousin visiting from Mexico what she’d be doing for the weekend. She told me she’d be celebrating our aunt’s birthday and D√≠a del Taco today.

So, get a jump on celebrating Mexican holidays in April. Go to your nearest taquer√≠a and have a taco or dos or tres… If you don’t know where to find good tacos yet, visit Taco Hunt.

Photo by Alexander H.M. Cascone

3 thoughts on “Have a taco and celebrate”

  1. I haven’t had my taco fix Cindy because the NYC selection is rather mediocre. I’ll just make some when I get home in good ol’ Brooklyn. Over and out.

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