Fire Department Spokesman Takes a Day Off

Ironically, yesterday was Brian Humphrey’s day off, and according to the LA Fire Department spokesman he couldn’t have picked a better day.

A few hours after he’d arrived at an online media conference at USC, two teens playing with fireworks sparked what the LAFD labeled a “major emergency fire” in the Hollywood Hills that quickly made national news. On any normal work day, Humphrey would have been taking calls from any number of media sources. Instead, he was calmly discussing how to improve the LAFD blog he maintains with other online journalists.

Also at Friday’s conference was Andy Sternberg of LAist (pictured with Brian Humphrey at right) who set up a live internet video feed on the projector for attendees to watch during a break.

After the jump, video of Brian Humphrey giving commentary to the live video of the fire…

Apologies (and thanks) to Brian for responding to’s media request on his day off.

6 thoughts on “Fire Department Spokesman Takes a Day Off”

  1. props to Dave, for getting the dirt from B. Humph — that plus Niles’ google adsense technique most likely saved this town from a full-on singeing

  2. I’m glad Brian was able to take a day off… even though there was a fire. I think he’s going to need all the rest he can get as this is looking like a potentially catastrophic fire season. I know of what I speak… I’ve had a home high in the San Jacinto Mountains (where I escape my Downtown life every other weekend or so) for nearly 20 years, and I’ve seen some tremendous fires, including the tragedy last October and the (thankfully not close) giant fires of Oct/Nov 2003. This is looking like it could be scarier than ’03, with a nonexistent rainy season coming on the heels of 2005’s heavy rains and subsequent bumper crop of underbrush and chaparral. Glad I have fire insurance, and get some rest, Brian – we really appreciate what you do and we depend on your skills and insight to keep us informed…

  3. Bloggers get days off?

    Brian Humphrey provides the public with invaluable information, and is one of the many blogs I frequent on a daily basis.

    Hope I have the opportunity to meet him one day soon.

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