Effective Anti-Graffiti Measures


Are you having trouble keeping the tagger kids from hitting up your trash can? Are you tired of the constant scrubbing and painting of unsightly scribbles? Well now you have another option: cover your own trash can in anti-graffiti graffiti! Not only do you claim the available tagging space, you make your anti-graffiti stance known to others, in an utterly beautiful and artistic manner. If we can only get the City to pay for this message to be painted on every single wall in LA, the graf issue would finally be solved!

4 thoughts on “Effective Anti-Graffiti Measures”

  1. There was a great sketch on Saturday night live way back when Koch was mayor.

    Their proposal to fight graffiti was to go out and add the word “sucks” at the end of each tag.

    So someone might take “Miko” and then the anti-graffiti league would turn it into “Miko Sucks”.

    Okay, maybe I imagined that. Anyone else remember it?

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