The “Other” Dogtown Revolution

This isn’t fire related, but it’s so bad ass I just had to post it. Everyone knows about the skateboarding revolution that was started in Venice in the 70’s, well this one didn’t quite get the same coverage but is just as amazing…

Thanks Glen!

2 thoughts on “The “Other” Dogtown Revolution”

  1. I’d say the skateboarding revoloution was more of a Santa Monica revolution, with a little Venice spillover.
    Maybe because Venice seems grittier than the chi-chi Santa Monica the Dogtown name has been appropriated by the former, although the Zephyr Skate Shop was deep inside SM.

  2. Okay, I’m only halfway through watching this and OMG — LOL! This is so brilliant. How long did that guy have to wait just to grow his facial and regular (head?) hair out just to do this?!?

    It’s been a strange week for me, thanks for helping me end it on a hilarious note.

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