Flickr is Awesomeness

Seriously, I’m impressed. It’s amazing that so many folks not only shot pics of the fire in progress, but then speedily uploaded their shots to Flickr. And further, tagged them with FIRE. It was easy to see stuff streaming in from all over the country just by looking at the most recent uploads tagged.

Everyone’s perspective of the unfolding story really gave it, um, perspective!

From Shaker Designs From jallenholt From marcoslovescrystal From PortugePunk From PortugePunk From PortugePunk From madmojo From kthrynileen From BabyRiles From grendyll From carencey From Matthew Field From nailmaker From nailmaker From unsure shot

Okay, now I’ll stop posting flickr photos. I am not paid by flickr … I just really enjoy it sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Flickr is Awesomeness”

  1. The digital age is a marvel….beating the ‘legit’ news teams to the punch with details and pics. Amazing.

  2. Flickr was more awesome for me when I didn’t have to log in with my dumb Yahoo account every time–my wife and I have different Yahoo IDs, so I need to log in every time I go to Flickr. Bah!

  3. The most amazing thing to me is that the LAFD has a Flickr account that isn’t getting any attention. They have some amazing photos from the front lines, but they are all rights reserved and aren’t tagged with “fire.” There’s one really terrific shot, and it has 2 views — some of my Flickr contacts’ photos have more than 400. (User name is just LAFD. Go check ’em out!)

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