Big fires and local news.

fiiiiire.jpgI was at a lunch meeting in Hollywood when this whole thing started going down and upon leaving my coworkers and I tuned into local radio to try to find out some details. There’s been a lot of controversy about media consolidation and it’s effect on local news coverage and today is the perfect example of why it’s such a bad thing. I couldn’t find a single shred of news on FM radio. KPCC, KCRW, they gave me squat. The best I could do was come up with two AM stations who offered breaking news from locations like “on top of a building on Wilshire” and “on my way to the fire at Venice and La Brea.” Whaaat? Come on LA news radio, you guys can do better than this. I’m finally back in my office now and KCAL has things like helicopters and “actual news.” Did anyone else experience a news blackout (dumb-out?) or was it just me who was left in the dark? C’mon radio, don’t let me down like this.

4 thoughts on “Big fires and local news.”

  1. I didn’t try radio. I tried getting news from the internets and was a little frustrated (I couldn’t get ABC’s live feed to work) and the print stuff just wasn’t giving me enough info.

  2. you really have to consider, how the fire department has to prepare and delegate someone to do a PR. the best those AM stations can do is provide the location, and give out every bit of news even if its from the top of a building, all this until the fire department has enough info to issue a report. this is probably the fastest news we can ever receive. has a live news feed that had video half hour into the fire

  3. Lucky me, I was actually on my way to Universal. Tried the AM radio and didn’t get squat, ‘cept for a vague reference to “the fire in the Hollywood hills.”

    Pretty disappointing –

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