Contratiempo Film Night Sat. 3/10 6 pm


Contratiempo Film Night
Saturday, March 10, 6pm

This is shameless friend promotion. Oh well, me vale madre. A film series, sponsored by nobody, designed to “investigate and promote the intersections between Flamenco and Romani/Gypsy culture”, with discussion, tapas, and drinks. All for free. I think I can handle the inevitable accusations.
The Romany Trail Part Two: Gypsy Music Into Africa

The Romany Trail Part Two takes you to India to find what are believed to be the original Gypsy families whose descendents migrated across the Middle East to Africa and Europe. In India, the familiar acrobats, bear trainers, puppeteers, actors, magicians and musicians are there, many with the same family names as European Gypsies. Then it’s on to Eastern Europe, among the oppressed Gypsy communities of then-Communist Europe, into workers’ hostels, private homes, and community streets where Gypsies are found-a penetrating underground tour of a fabled people’s existence.

Also, a short clip from Tony Gatliff’s Latcho Drom featuring La Caita and Remedios Amaya.
All I can add is that it’s always pretty fun. Ah√≠ nos Vemos!

Taking place in NorthEast LA at:
Sandpaper Books
3706 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90065