Payless Shoes Pays $91 Million for Slice of SoCal History

Vision Street WearYou can be sure the 15-year-old in me recoiled in barely contained horror upon hearing the news that Payless ShoeSource Inc. is buying both the Airwalk and Vision Street Wear brands. Of course, neither of those names is sitting as prettily as they once were, and they both departed SoCal for snowy Denver, CO awhile back. But still, Vision as a Payless brand? Heresy.

5 Replies to “Payless Shoes Pays $91 Million for Slice of SoCal History”

  1. Who cares and what has companies based in Kansas or Colorado have to do with LA? It went up for sale as its post peak in retail speak here in LA and the next big thing is begging to rise and crest. Check out the local beaches and report the new trends we will be setting for the rest of the country.

  2. If you don’t understand why somebody from southern California might be interested in the fortunes of Vision Street Wear, I can’t even begin to help you.

  3. I thought Payless bought the Airwalk brand a long time ago.

    It’s been a Payless exclusive brand for a few years, but they didn’t actually own it.

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