Fred Brito fired again for using a false name

Ex-felon threatening legal action against newspaper for writing about writing about him

Last Friday, Fred Gomez, aka Federico B. Gomez de Maria, was fired from his position as an administrative director and fund raiser at the New Mexico Performing Arts Academy in Las Cruces, NM, where he’d been working since last year. Fred Brito admitted that he was dismissed for “not disclosing his full identity.”

Representatives at the Academy were hesitant to comment on the situation, citing that Fred Brito has threatened to sue them for wrongful termination.

Los Angeles readers will recall that Brito made local headlines in August, 2005 after he was fired from UCLA for falsifying his resume and disclosing his previous convictions for embezzlement and theft, along with a lengthy history of gaining employment using false credentials, including work as a Roman Catholic priest and other fundraising positions. At the time the LA Times printed the front page story about him, he had already found work with the American Red Cross in Pasadena, who fired him a month later for, again, falsifying his credentials and not disclosing his criminal history. (click here for a timeline of Fred Brito’s “employment and conviction” history)

According to a statement currently available on Fred Brito’s blog*, the Las Cruces Sun will be publishing their own front page story about Fred Brito on March 9th. The statement goes on to attack the newspaper for its motives, and contends author of the article, who he names as Jennifer Kistler, “is an young novice aspiring reporter and would give anything to capture the “golden goose egg” on her personal road to fame and glory by exploiting and sensationalizing people’s personal life struggles with total disregard for ethics and journalistic professionalism.”

The statement dismisses the 2005 incidents in Los Angeles as “an old story” and makes no reference to his more recent firing in Las Cruces. Also stated is the “Gomez de Maria family’s” intention to sue the Las Cruces Sun for “intent to disparage and harm him with malice and without just cause.”

In addition, Fred Brito’s admission of the firing from the New Mexico Performing Arts Academy, originally posted on March 3rd, has since been removed from his blog.

It should also be noted that last October, the Las Cruces Sun printed two stories about a “Fred Gomez” with accompanying photos that match Fred Brito’s, including one story about a “check scam” that “Fred Gomez” said he’d nearly fallen victim to.

Previous coverage of Fred Brito reemerging in Las Cruces.

*Post deleted after this entry was originally written.

7 thoughts on “Fred Brito fired again for using a false name”

  1. Why is this story supposedly newsworthy? Can you imagine how many felons live in Las Cruces and how many people worldwide fake their resumes?

    I think the *real* story is why people from North Los Angeles — and they know who they are — are so obsessed with this man that they routinely accuse others — and sometimes each other — of being Fred Brito (Gomez). I should know. I have been there. Even *I* have been accused of being Fred Brito (Gomez) and recently one imaginative old woman accused me of “impersonating” Brito. Check the shabby NortheastLA Yahoo group, go back about a year or so and you will clearly see what I mean. It is a laff riot!

    The bogeyman. The pod people. A shabby community known as “Northeast L.A.” *That* is the real story behind this construction.

    Ken Camp, Los Angeles

  2. I was about to post “let the crazy, thinly veiled comments begin!”

    But they already have!


  3. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for publicizing my blog. I love FREE advertising. Keep searching… you may find my other BLOGS as well.

    Happy Hunting.

    Fred Brito
    Las Cruces, NM

    PS: There is absolutely NOTHING that you can do to hurt me. Now, Pahleeeeeeeeeeeeze let me get back to my Margharita. It’s Friday night in Las Cruces… Anyone for a Party?

  4. Ya ever get the feeling like I am playing you all like a flute? Get used to it. More to come. Check out my new and exciting “David Markland Blog”.

    Simply FAB U LOUS!!

    Now back to my party.

  5. Mr. Brito:

    I would glady be willing to interview you, but really your attempts at intimidation are unbecoming. Again, if I’ve written anything inaccurate please let me know, but in almost every instance my source has been your blog, or the LA Times interview you’ve repeatedly said is entirely truthful.

    If you’d like to contact me to set something up please email me at [email protected].

  6. Fascinating that Mr. Brito holds the copyright on photos taken OF him.

    And it looks like his copyright notices are prefaced with copyright notices.

  7. OK… let’s stop the funny games. IF you really and truthfully want to interview me, and IF you want to be 100% serious… I will consider it. I have nothing to lose. Write to me… and please no more games. You know my address. I will wait to hear from you

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