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March 1, 2007 at 4:06 pm in Education

Last fall, my department managed to woo some high profile professors to UCLA. The recently married professors brought with them lots of funding, prestige and the Harvard Civil Rights project. My peers were excited. These professors were “rock stars” in the field of educational research. They may have the status in academia, but outside of the “ivy-covered walls”, few know their names.

That’s not the case with Greg Graffin currently teaching Life Sciences 1 (evolution, ecology & biodiversity) to a few hundred freshman and sophomores at UCLA this quarter. Graffin fronts Bad Religion and has been balancing science and music for many years. The Daily Bruin profiled him today:

Listen in on one of Greg Graffin’s lectures and you’ll encounter an eloquent, soft-spoken man. The life science professor might even crack a joke here or there, keeping his audience captivated as he delves into the mysteries of evolution, ecology and the diversity of life.

It’s hard to believe that this same man fronts Bad Religion, the band widely known as the “Godfathers of Punk.”

“I get a lot less sleep than most people,” Graffin said. “Of course, there are a lot of people – researchers on campus, who are living in their labs and accomplishing a great deal, and doctors who are always on call – these are people just as productive as me, except my other half of productivity goes into music and songwriting.”

The UCLA graduate decided to return to his alma mater to teach Life Science 1 while recording the as-yet-untitled 14th album with his band. (link)

Photo by Dead End Girl.

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