Time to reset my presets

Earlier this week, I was baffled when I turned the radio in my car and heard something twangy coming out of it. I looked down: 105.1. Wha????!!!??? Surely it had to be a mistake. I flipped my tuner to 92.3 for my classical music fix. And then a while later when I got bored, I flipped back to 105.1… Is this twangy stuff a mistake?

So this morning, I went to the K-Mozart website and found this notice:

K-Mozart has not gone away, we are still on FM in High Definition and also simulcast on 1260AM. From Monday February 26th at 6am, KMZT will be available on 1260am and HD2 105.1

We truly appreciate your loyal support and hope you will continue listening to K-Mozart on 1260am and on 105.1 HD2 Radio.

It turns out that the station at 105.1 on the FM dial will now be “Go Country 105.” K-Mozart will move to 1260 AM signal leaving KCSN (88.5) and KUSC (91.5) as the only two FM classical music stations in LA. KCSN is broadcast out of Cal State Northridge and is only audible in the Valley and the Westside. With KUSC, you have to put up with the incessant pledge drives (but there are no commercials). But I can tell you one thing… there is NO WAY I am going to listen to K-Mozart on AM radio. Who wants to listen to classical music on AM? Not me!

Do you remember losing KFAC (92.3) in 1989? I rightfully predicted at the time that someone else would step up in fill KFAC’s space on the dial. This time, I’m not making that same prediction… even though I wish it would happen.

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2 thoughts on “Time to reset my presets”

  1. Yeah – we do. No way am I going to pay for listening to the radio – ads be damned. I tried XM for a year, and it was a total hassle – sure, “most” channels are ad free – but apparently “ads” for XM programming and other XM channels and promos aren’t “really” ads… there were tons of them. The only thing worse than a ton of radio ads is a ton of… radio ads for the SAME DAMN THING.

    I do remember when KFAC vanished… and as I like all sorts of music, I still miss KMET… and KNAC (though I never really got into that Raiders/goatee/cheap beer/smelly BO/jacked up truck thing…LOL). LA radio is the worst in any major media market. Sure, the Spanish radio is pretty decent (and I listen to Super Estrella and K-love now and then), but otherwise it’s all crap… though Jim Ladd on 95.5 is cool, love him or hate him, he’s not the same old corporate garbage like you find everywhere else.

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