The Benefits of Graffiti


The hilarious picture of the 15 year old tagging up the Mayor’s bus is a reminder that more often than not, graffiti is really thoughtless. But did you know that some taggers also attempt to contribute to the public discourse by grappling with current events and tackling philosophical concerns? Well, they do! And the results are sometimes very intelligent semi-intelligent mildly entertaining!

See the one above? That was placed in the Arroyo Seco as a service to lost tourists. Very thoughtful.


Fuck Myspace! A truly compelling statement against the technology of domination and the isolation it creates.


Who needs books when sidewalks have so much useful information?


Yes you are. An informative update on the state of graffiti in the city.


Not regular gay, but with an underlined Y. That’s the kind of thing that can really make you think. Or not.


Somewhere in here is a message about anger, the potential for it to overtake and transform our thoughts, which results in the unleashing of internal demons. A spooky but necessary tale of warning, artfully depicted.


Mindful of the need to increase the levels of Joy in our city, a tagger subtly reminds us that occasional intoxicants can enhance the experience of a celebration. And who are we to resist such a lucid observation?

7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Graffiti”

  1. Brilliant interpretation of various scribes attempts to enlighten the masses! Brilliant! Krylon + contemplation = Social Discourse.

  2. lol the can control. It amazes me constantly the quality of the work these guys do all over the city. My favorite place is under the pedestrian bridge on the Lario park bike trails in the north San Gabriel Valley. These guys are masters getting stuff all the way up 20 foot tall arches our modern urban Sistine Chapel. Been documenting their work for a few years, truly amazing stuff maynard. Now if they would just get some legal venues to paint for our enjoyment!

  3. Dude – you’ve seriously got too much time on your hands… LOL!!!

    Those are great. Right up there with the “F*** Off Busch” I saw the other day in Long Beach… or maybe the tagger just really hates Budweiser.


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