Mystery Beer at Trader Joe’s

I stopped at the TJ’s on Ventura near Laurel Canyon today for emergency supplies (beer and wine and some frozen pizza to wash it down with) and when I walked in the door I was greeted by a table of Mystery Beer. The table held three TJ’s brown paper bags which each contained six randomly chosen beers. Some spoilsport killjoys had opened two of the bags and must have found the selection within unsatisfactory, because they were still on the table. I grabbed the third bag, still stapled shut, because I like a little mystery in my Mystery Beer.

This is what we found inside the bag:


I am a little disappointed in the Good People at TJ’s for the inclusion of an NA. I have nothing against Non-Alcoholic beer, but I think that should have been advertised as a possibility. That said, for $3.99 I have NO complaints, and I’d buy another.

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