10 thoughts on “Google Maps… Now With Traffic”

  1. Google Maps with traffic has been available for quite some time, but only on a mobile device.

    The “Killer App” for my Treo 700p was Google’s Mobile Maps and a broadband connection. Originally only available for the Palm OS, but I see there’s a CAB file for Windows Mobile now, that will integrate with GPS! Working on the West Side and living in Los Feliz means my route home varies almost daily, and having an (almost) real-time view of what’s happening ahead is amazing!

    Google (almost) proves the existence of (insert deity of choice here)!

  2. Did Google Maps fix the part where they tell you to take exits off the highway that don’t exist? Because until that’s done I’m not particularly inclined to trust their traffic data.

  3. I use the KNX maps – they are larger scale, though they are broken into several sections… and since I live downtown, and 80% of my trips are south and east, I tend to use the LA County – East map almost all the time. I like that they have info at almost every on/offramp, and specific accident location and description indicators. I’ve been using these maps for a long time and would say they are at least 95% accurate.

    Besides, the LA-West map seems to always show red for crawling traffic… duh!


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