Busted! Top Ten Gang Member, Paris Hilton, Again.

It’s been an exciting past few days when it comes to busts for LA law enforcement agencies. Sometime in the last few days the LAPD got their mits on one of their 10 most wanted gang members. Gangmembers all over town are keeping their fingers crossed and writing acceptance speeches hoping their name will be the lucky one chosen to fill the vacancy on the list. Of course this news was instantly trumped by Paris Hilton getting busted, again. She was pulled over for driving with no headlights on Sunset Blvd last night around 11PM. She also had a suspended license from that whole “alcohol-related reckless driving” from a few months back so her car was impounded. Her publicist said she’d just pulled out of a brightly lit parking lot and simply forgot to put on her headlights. I guess she simply forgot about the prior charges and suspended license as well. I wonder if someone feels entitled at all?

3 thoughts on “Busted! Top Ten Gang Member, Paris Hilton, Again.”

  1. Hmmm. Let me see. Instead of the french poodle PH, substitute “Paris Hilton” with, say, Manny Gonzales, or Damien Washington. Make him te same age with the same priors. He’s no media darling, and doesn’t have a huge inheritance (works part time to scrape by) but otherwise, there’s not much difference. First off, there wouldn’t be a story. Second, he’d not only get his car impounded, he’d be slammed on the ground or against the squad car, booked and tossed into jail with his wrists bleeding from the cheap plastic restraints (if they still use those things), he’d be frantically trying to get someone to bail him out, and he’d probably get jacked up by some meatheads in the holding cell. No “publicist”, no “story” Just another faceless young person tossed into the meat grinder. F*** you, PH… and all your “publicists” and “fans” and all the other sleaze and shit your sorry ass life seems to attract. Grow up.

    I feel better now…

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