Tristan Prettyman @ Twiggs…


Pictured (bottom): Tristan Prettyman & Anya Marina

Fresh off her performance with G. Love (MySpace) on Friday’s edition of Late Night With Conan O’Brien, San Diego-native and singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman (MySpace), who’s been referred to as the female Jack Johnson (MySpace), returned from New York on Saturday to headline an acoustic set at Twiggs Coffee and Tea‘s Green Room, with fans reportedly flying in from as far away as San Francisco, Chicago, and Connecticut.

Opening for her at Twiggs were Chris Torres (MySpace), Melissa Larkin (MySpace), and Molly Jensen (MySpace).

Prettyman is fascinated by celebrity tabloid gossip, so when I suggested beforehand that she perform her cover of “Toxic” as a tribute to Britney Spears’ recent most erratic behavior, she happily obliged. Speaking of newsworthy pop starlets, Prettyman also debuted the live version of “Lindsay [Lohan] Goes to Rehab” (as originally heard on Prettyman’s MySpace page and Stereogum), which was sung with song co-writer Anya Marina (MySpace), who just happened to be sitting in the audience.

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Prettyman elaborates on her brushes with female popstars in a recent interview with the San Diego Reader:

I met Ashley Simpson at the G Love show up in L.A. the other night, and then we went to this club, Hyde, afterwards, where I watched Ken Paves fix Jessica Simpson’s hair and dance real up close and against her all night. Christina Aguilera was there, too — she was cute as a button. None of them talked to me. I want to be, like, ‘Wow, y’all look so different off paper!’ I don’t really get that whole lifestyle. I was there for about ten minutes when I pretty much realized that I didn’t belong there. I grew up in San Diego, man — we go surfing and to the Saloon, we don’t go to clubs with paparazzi waiting outside.

And on a sidenote, it unfortunately looks like Prettyman’s set will be among the last for the San Diego coffeehouse:

Unfortunately, February 28, 2007 will be the last live music performance in our Green Room.

Our lease has always had a clause stating that we would have “no live music.”

Our landlords have been kind enough to overlook this clause until now. Noise levels coming from the Green Room, however, have been an on-going problem that we have been unable to keep under control. At this point, we have no option but to honor the “no live music” clause in our lease.

The Green Room has been a wonderful thing and we appreciate and thank all the musicians who have played here.

It was great fun, but it was just one of those things.

Dan and Bernie