What You Say!!

You got your Z in my OMG? You got LOL in my WTF? BBQ!

Here’s the most active discussion from this week, get your edumakashun on.

Question of the Week: Does Street Art Encourage Graffiti? – Markland asks one of the most heated questions we’ve seen in a while. These topics have come up before but it’s clearly something people feel strongly about. What is criminal? What is artistic? What makes a neighborhood more attractive? What messes one up? How are all these things linked?

Guns, Gangs, and Making Crime Illegal – The intro post to my week long 5 part series looking at a few new gun control policies being proposed and supported/objected to by folks here in LA.

Highland Park’s Withering Fruit – What happens if you throw a Farmers Market and no one comes? EL CHAVO! talks about change in Highland park and what can be supported.

Universal Studios likes Mexicans, or at least their names – Did you know about the Mexican boycott of Disney? Turns out no one else did either. Cindy Mosqueda brings up the topic while pointing out that the marketing people at Universal are a little quicker to know where their checks are coming from.

A Peak Peek Behind The Curtain – Will Campbell shoved a camera behind the big curtain on Robertson and Olympic and got some shots of a crazy new gas station that should be opening soon.