Sweatin’ Bullets (2/25/07): I’m big boned.

Malingering’s photo (at right) reminded me that local bloggers Kevin Smith and Jason Calacanis have been keeping up with their own “fat blogging”, and that Jason also regsitered Fatblogging.com to keep up with the trend.

Boi from Troi does some critical fact checking of the residents at Mayor Sam’s Sister City (sound familiar?), this time regarding their “virtual hard-on for bashing… Tamar Galatzan.”

Conspiracy? In the days leading up to the Oscars, comments at David Poland’s awesome Hollywood news and commentary site, “The Hot Blog”, have been broken, frustrating him and taking away his “personal sense of what a blog is supposed to achieve.”

Caroline on Crack brings the deets on the final days at Lava Lounge, including one last Kinky Karoke, a burlesque send off, and a fire sale to unload the club’s tiki decor.

Casting director Bonnie Gillespie of BonBlogs plans to expose an actor-scam and the con-artist behind it who is “really costing actors some money AND their reputations/relationships with CDs, agents, managers, directors, and producers.”

We bagged on him a few months ago for dissing Los Angeles, but Kung Fu Mike has more than redeemed himself by sharing a three part tale about his crazy, late aunt Laura, and the unexpected lockcase of treasure she left behind. (part 2, and 3)

Our own Cindy Mosqueda is quoted in Tu Ciudad magazine in an article on the increasing number of Latino bloggers… and the LA Times prints an editorial by Martini Republic’s Joseph Mailander criticizing the Times for its coverage of the Grand Avenue Project.