Tour of California Closes in Long Beach Sunday

As if there isn’t enough going on with the Oscars tomorrow, don’t forget that the Tour of California concludes with Stage 7 in Long Beach.

Today I went up to Ojai with The Man, who is a huge bike racing fan. We staked out a primo spot just below the King of the Hill position on the Dennison Grade on Ojai-Santa Paula Road for the middle part of Stage 6. From this overlook where you can get a fantastic view of the Ojai Valley, we could see the racers snaking up the switchback road.

Watching a race like this is kind of odd, the racers go by very quickly. There was the leader group, followed closely by the pelleton and then a third group about a minute or two back.

The photo shows Paolo Bettini in the front in white. Shortly after I shot this, he was overtaken by the fellow in light blue in third position, Fabian Wegmann, who won the “King of the Mountain” points for that climb.

Full race results here.

(For the record, this is probably the only sports-related post you’ll find me doing.)

4 thoughts on “Tour of California Closes in Long Beach Sunday”

  1. While I’m not surprised you avoided mentioning the larger So Cal sport event of today, I can’t believe you didn’t mention the JellyBelly bike racing team!

  2. Russ – I don’t know what “larger SoCal sport event” you’re talking about.

    As for the Jelly Belly connection, one of the vans drove by and threw some candy out … but none close enough for me to grab. If they wanted me to mention them, they’d better do a better job!

  3. Were you referring to the hillbillie racing out in Fontucky on Sat/Sun? I skipped that show to go to stage 6 in Santa Clarita. It is great to see so much support for the race. over 1.3 million spectators saw the race live over the week. But still, the coverage on TV and the local papers was lacking. This event was watched around the world…come on people!

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