Queens Of The Stone Age finished a new record

Just in case you happen to be interested in a REAL rock band and not the usual poser shit that’s posted here…
(Photo courtesy of the infamous Nardwuar, click here for his interview with QOTSA)
One of LA’s best (not to mention… sexiest) bands, Queens Of The Stone Age, just finished a new record and they’re gonna call it “Era Vulgaris”. I dunno know what the name means, but I’m gonna go out on a a limb and guess it’s some sort of Yoga position. Josh is stoked on Yoga. Their shitty label claims they will have it in stores by June 7th, but you know how labels are. Check out this short youtube clip previewing snippets from the new Queens record by clicking here. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing kids. Plus, I can personally assure you the record is a sonic fellatio (which is what I suggested to the band that they name the record) cuz I got to hang out in the studio and drink their beer a few nights. In short, what I heard blew my ears. Get it? Fellatio… blew… HA. Oh and the word on the street is that they’ve got guest spots from The Strokes singer and number one Joey Ramone impersonator – Julian Casablancas, The Dark Lord himself – Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan (whos so massive and scary I’m not gonna even write anything before his name), and the dude from ZZ Top with the weird guitars and even weirder beard – Billy Gibbons all on the new record. The only thing better would be if they let the crazy bald bass player back in the band. Now that guy’s scary. Visit Queens on the web at www.myspace.com/queensofthestoneage and www.qotsa.com.

And no I don’t work for this bands label, I’m not in the band, no one paid me to write this… I just happen to like real rock bands. Plus like I said before, these dudes give me free beer sometimes.

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  1. Hopefully it doesn’t blow like the last album. I firmly believe the reason why “Songs of the Deaf” was so good was thanks due to Mr. Grohl.

  2. Captain Awesome must have never heard Rated R or their self titled album. Both rock and neither featured Dave Grohl on the drums. Maybe you should actually listen to Lullabies To Paralyze.

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