Moby Truck
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You truly have not seen everything in the world of ego-driven Angeleno bloatwagons until you’ve seen one of these fat bastards on the road.

I ran into one similar in Death Valley last year owned by a couple who claimed never to even haul anything with theirs other than a camp trailer and their poodle. For scale, check the puny Mustang cowering in its shadow. I don’t even want to contemplate how many tax dollars are being spent right now defending the owner’s right to buy enough fuel to drive it.

My good friend Lee emailed me this image. His notes after the jump …

As a truck guy, I was impressed with the sheer ballsiness. But as a human, I gotta give it an environmental “ewww…”

I saw this International MXT pickup at a gas station in Culver City…

Here’s the scoop.

The sucker weighs 10,000 pounds and is almost 8 feet tall. I love the part of the copy that says it might be hard to park in most garages. This was MXT #8, and the factory guy said “it gulps a lot of diesel…”

Gee, ya think!?

Feel free to post about it and to use my photo. Sorry I didn’t get a human next to it for scale, but he was in a hurry to drive over things, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Moby Truck”

  1. Well that certainly crosses the line of good taste and environmental do-goody pretty quickly. Seriously though there are 2 in my hood, one trailers his horses and the other his “trailer queen” cars to shows. (The former also drops kids off at the local middle school which creates traffic nightmares as it is too freaking big to be on residential streets). To each their own.

  2. There’s tons of them in the OC. I haven’t seen many Downtown, though I did see one on San Pedro St. yesterday. The best part is that they are 5 ton vehicles. I just called a friend of mine after reading the post who lives in La Habra Heights (and is a city official) and he said the local Sheriff has been ticketing those trucks for driving through that city on Hacienda and Harbor – both of which have 3 ton weight limits.

    Jeez – I guess there are some really underdeveloped guys out there. The extensions just keep getting bigger and bigger…

  3. I’d never heard of these behemoths. I found this gushing description on some auto site from a google search for Int’l MXT:

    With the introduction of the 2007 International MXT at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show, the Hummer H2 SUT is officially dismissed. The new MXT is a true truck-guy’s kind of truck, boasting a 16,000-pound towing capacity, a chassis payload capacity of 4,000 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds. So keeping drinking that Budweiser and eating those trans-fat laden McDonald’s french fries – the International MXT can handle your widening frame, and those of four of your buddies, with ease, along with all your gear.

    I feel sick.

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