L.A. Songs, Revisited (Again)…

On Wednesday, Kevin Roderick @ LA Observed mentioned that The Guardian is asking its readers to suggest songs about California while The LA Times has been interviewing songwriters about their LA songs:

The U.K.’s Guardian has a music blogger who asks readers to suggest songs based on themes. This week it is tunes about California. I haven’t counted, but many dozens have weighed in. “Can I re-nominate ‘LA County’ by Lyle Lovett? Still sad, and unrequited, and a gun tune, so it’s about bloody time it was included,” writes one. Via Theresa Duncan at Wit of the Staircase.

* Closer to home: If you like this kind of thing, LAT Calendar staffer Geoff Boucher’s biweekly SoCal Songbook interviews songwriters about their L.A.-centric lyrics. He kicked off last summer with “Celluloid Heroes” by Ray Davies and last month talked with Don Henley about The Eagles’ “The Last Resort.” Rickie Lee Jones and “A Second Chance” were featured on Feb. 11.

Kevin and I exchanged e-mails after he posted the article, with me mentioning Blender‘s recent list of “The Best 25 Songs About L.A.” and him mentioning Wikipedia‘s List of songs about Los Angeles. But among those songs that are still missing from that comprehensive list is “Moon Over The Freeway,” which was written about the LA freeway system, by the LA-based The Ditty Bops (MySpace).

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