Found Photo #1: Craftman Demolition in West Adams

house_sm.jpg I finally retrieved the photos from the Weird West Adams tour that I went on a couple months ago. And by “retrieved”, I mean “rescued the memory card from when my computer ate it in December.” Which means that I have Lost Photos to post!

Anyways. The photo at the right is a small clip of a bigger one. Towards the end of the tour, we stopped to walk around a neighborhood of Craftsman bungalows that dated to the early 20th century. One was under demolition, and I snapped a quick photo of the gates and garden, intact, in front of the house that only had the front walls standing. The big photo is behind the cut.


(By the way, if you would like to know how my computer ate the card, it was because The Beast has a multi-card drive in front, with slots for various sizes of memory card. I dropped the memory card into the wrong slot, and it fell into a drive too big for it. I finally caught it by fishing around with Scotch tape. More lost photos forthcoming as a result.)

2 thoughts on “Found Photo #1: Craftman Demolition in West Adams”

  1. I know exactly where that is! Off Hoover near 23rd Street, right? I didn’t realize they were tearing it down… when I saw it last it was just boarded up.

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