Sweatin’ Bullets (2/22/07): Have A Nice Day :)

“It was hillariously funny, and tension- reducing, when this young lady flashed her sign. Waiting, about an hour… to get into the Getty Center parking garage… What shade is that nail polish, anyway?” –tnachtrab

Darleeneisms is somehow the only blogger covering the sex scandal at UCLA’s psychiatry department. Play catch up here and here.

Joseph Mailander congratulates himself on the 200th “Morning Eye Opener”, his near daily news bytes column at Martini Republic. Indeed, the consistency is admirable (personally, I pride myself on the total irregularity of “Sweatin’ Bullets”). My only complaint is Joseph leave blogging.la out of his list of daily reads – c’mon, Mr. Mailander, don’t kid the crowd! We know you love us!

The Atwater Village Newbie ignores the critics that don’t rank an LA building anywhere higher than among the nations top 75. He says architecture is “a 19th century pursuit… to see who can make the biggest, sexiest pile”, and that Los Angeles is “a 21st century pursuit… Buildings… are simply set pieces in a big picture show.”

Ross Plesset at LA IMC reports back from a meeting about plans on reopening the Southwest Museum, that closed at the Auty National Center last year, including the challenges it faces in raising the needed estimate of $40 million.

Brian Humpries manages to eke out a post with a report from the crane collapse that shutdown the 405/101 overpass (along with much of the city) earlier this month. Worth peeking at for photos taken on the scene.

LA’s Homeless Blog is disheartened to learn that of the HUD’s $1.36 billion in nationwide grants for homeless housing and services, LA is only receiving $52.5 milllion, down 13% from last year’s endowment.

One thought on “Sweatin’ Bullets (2/22/07): Have A Nice Day :)”

  1. Updated as per your noting. As I have your personal feed but not blogging.la’s group feed on my LA page, I wasn’t sure if you cared for any mention or not.

    It was not meant to be self-congratulatory, though I suppose it came off a little in that way—we do have great bloggers, and I want to call that to our readers attention whenever it’s appropriate to. But the post was mostly meant to explain how we put things together, and why we do it the way we do it. In the hope that it might also be of interest to some other bloggers who read our blog.

    For instance, I can’t see the point of Yahoo Pipes when you can run RSS feeds through your Google home page, and even make tabs for different categories. But maybe someone who likes the newer Yahoo product will explain to me what they like and how it makes their life better.

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