A Peak Peek Behind The Curtain

Biking the long way home from work in El Segundo to Silver Lake tonight (with a stop at Barney’s Beanery for a meet-up with several fellow Blogging.la’ers), I happened by the intersection of Robertson and Olympic where I found the southeast corner fully and triptastically shrouded like so:


Seeing a hole in the curtain (visible far right above) I poked my camera through it and came away with the snapshot that appears after the jump. Anybody know what’s going on here? New club? Bar? Restaurant? Massage Parlor? Dog kennel? Convent? Laundromat? AA meeting? Anyone?


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  1. How many hours and miles is your bike ride from elSegundo to SilverLake? Do you use the Metro part of the way?

  2. Hi Topher,

    Getting to El Segundo takes less than an hour and I usually get there and back via the following 15.5-mile route (all by bike):


    With last night’s Blogging.la gathering in West Hollywood I went this 20-mile course home:


    I left El Segundo (Imperial Hwy and Aviation Blvd) at 5:30 p.m. and rolled in front of Barney’s at 6:40. After Barney’s it was about a 30 minute trip eastward back to Silver Lake.

  3. Thanks, Will! Also: it’s peek, as in: sneak-a-peek; peak is zenith, as in “You’re the tops!”
    Sorry! We old English majors (imagine Old English sheepdogs) can’t stop ourselves!

  4. Correction happily accepted and made Maggie. I much prefer your friendlier flag than whoever it was that waved aggravation at my mispelling of Cincinnati in a post last week.

  5. Will,

    I have to hand it to you; riding from El Segundo to Silverlake has to be a challenge.

    Before moving to San Dimas I would ride my bicycle from Rosemead to Los Angeles once per week, and dodging people opening their car doors was an obstacle I was constantly watchful for.

    Stop in at the Grand Café, at 311 N. Sepulveda Blvd, for a cold one, and put it on my tab when your thirsty.

  6. damn, i wish i’d been at that party! i’m the one who e-mailed bp over a year ago asking them to come to LA. and they don’t even invite me to their grand opening party. bastards.

  7. Thanks Edward,

    Indeed Silver Lake to El Segundo is a bit of a biking challenge, moreso coming home at night than getting there in the morning. Getting back home via Crenshaw coming over from Inglewood into Leimert Park is not at all bike-friendly.

    Surprisingly the trip up from El Seg to WeHo was really nice — not counting the encounter I had on Robertson where after chasing a driver a mile for camping on my ass and honking at me I finally caught him at Pico and “educated” him as to the error of his ways. If I come that way again I’ll be sure to check out the Grand Cafe and tell ’em Padgett sent me!

  8. That building is wretchedly ugly- and I think it’s silly that a fuel station has some sort of grand opening party. Does anybody else think it’s ridiculous?

    This morning I drove by it on the way to work and didn’t know whether to laugh or vomit when I saw people walking around it, talking on cell phones and talking to each other while drinking coffee.

    I mean- how lame and desperate are you for attention when you’re dressing up at 8am to go attend the grand premiere of a gas station?

  9. I dunno Jason. If it were just another same-ol’ gas station I’d agree that the hype’s been taken to an extreme. But I can recognize and appreciate the fanfare for the structure and the go-green concepts incorporated into it.

    As to the people drawn to it or supporting it’s debut, I dont fault them so decisively. It’s new, it’s unique, it’s eye-catching, it’s a conversation piece. It’s bound to attract attention.

    Of course, having said all that it is just another same-ol’ gas station, isn’t it.? One whose irony is that for all its touted renewal features the place (at least at the present) sells nothing more than the nonrenewable resource that every thirsty Hummer needs to keep killing the planet.

  10. Let me set the record straight on the new gas station.

    This morning I attended the grand opening of BP’s ‘green’ gas station. At the press conference, BP executives and the CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council stated that the gas station has the following green elements:

    1) 90 solar panels on the roof.
    2) A rainwater catchment basin on the roof; said water will be used to irrigate the property landscape’s native plants.
    3) The floor of the gas station is made from recycled glass aggregate.
    4) There is another ‘green’ roof above the bathrooms that has plants on top.
    5) The bathrooms, which are really beautiful, have automatic flush toilets, light sensors, and panels made from ‘farmed’ wood.
    6) BP will have a staff at the gas station to educate customers about going green; staff will also put air in customers’ tires so that they’ll get better fuel efficiency.
    7) The BP gas station is the first in the world to be certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria.

  11. Nice photo trick. Just for the record the privacy screen came down on Wednesday the 21st at night and the opening party was on a later date. Had you put a camera through the screen and taken a picture you would of seen wall to wall workers & construction equipment. I see the gas pumps are lighted up so that means this picture was taken after the screen was removed as they did not even have power to them until Thursday night. Looks to me that you took the picture standing next to the price sign. If you dont believe when the screen was removed just check with the local police as they were there checking to see what was going on.

  12. Am I catching your drift Calvin? Are you suggesting that I’m pretending to have snapped these two photos on the evening of February 21, sometime around 6:15 p.m.?

    What would be the point of that?

    Let me get this straight… You’re conjecting that I somehow took the picture of the screen on one day, then because you believe there was no party Wednesday evening that I came back on an entirely different date and got a picture of the party, thus lying about sneaking the snap through the breach in the barrier.

    You’re contention is that the party people weren’t there Wednesday night, that the event I captured somehow happened at a later date yet I somehow recorded it, traveled back in time and uploaded it Wednesday?


    It’s simple, Cal. I rolled up on my bike that evening of Wednesday February 21 and the screen was still up. I took a picture of it. That screen had a hole in it as indicated, visible in the picture I took. I knelt down on that same Wednesday night and put my cam through and got the shot of all the party people milling about inside. Then I got on my bike and I left. The end.

    If you want to go conspiracy theorist and insist that didn’t happen, I got three questions for ya:

    1) Why would I go to all that trouble?
    2) What are you smoking?
    3) Where can I get some?

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