Universal Studios likes Mexicans, or at least their names

February 20, 2007 at 9:20 am in Uncategorized

migramouse.jpg In the 1994 statewide election, Disney donated to the re-elect Pete Wilson campaign. That made a lot of Chicano and Latino activists very upset considering Pete Wilson’s ardent support for Proposition 187, a measure that denied undocumented immigrants access to health care and education. As a result of the support Disney offered to Wilson, activists decided to boycott Disney. I didn’t know much about the boycott until I got to college and found old Migra Mouse posters. I don’t think the boycott ever caught on. You may be able to make Mexicans stop buying grapes, but stop buying Disney products? Nope. Mexicans love Disneyland (and they say we don’t assimilate).

Did other theme parks jump on the anti-immigrant bandwagon? I’m not sure. However, 13 years later amidst talks of 700-mile border walls and comprehensive immigration reform it seems as if another LA-area theme park has got it right.

[More on Universal Studios’ efforts to accomodate Spanish speaking visitors and their dollars after the jump.]

Universal Studios, or at least their marketing department, knows better than to alienate immigrants and visitors from Latin American. Check out these Spongebob and Spiderman mugs at Universal Studios. I’m not surprised to see Juan and Jos√© mugs, since those are common names. But Josefina? And Jorge? Or what about Cuca (nickname for Refugio)?

mugs1.jpg mugs1.jpg

I wonder what Gustavo Arellano would say about this in light of his recent ¬°Ask A Mexican! column on Mexican nicknames.

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