You might wanna check this car wash out…

I’m by no means a car wash expert, in fact I haven’t washed my car in months. Yep, I’m that guy. Mainly it’s because I’m really fucking lazy. But it’s also kinda due to the fact that the last two times I went to one of those drive-thru car washes they knocked the emblem off the hood of my car, which is a total bummer cuz my car is from 1973 so it takes months to reorder that shit. And no that’s not my car in the photo above. Anyhoo… today while I was busy doing nothing I discovered this bitchin’ yet affordable car wash at the Valero gas station on Beverly and La Brea (307 N La Brea ave), which according to also has the lowest gas price in town too (cept they’re off by ten cents so what do they know?). Not only is my ride spotless but my emblem stayed on and the dude working there was almost too nice (he actually high-fived me after he armoralled my tires). Plus it’s pretty much a giant robot that washes you car so they get points for that, I felt like I was on a shitty Disneyland ride. Speaking of Disneyland, the Towers of Terror rule! More exciting photos of my car wash experience after the jump… buckle up.

Where do you fuckers wash your cars?

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4 thoughts on “You might wanna check this car wash out…”

  1. I don’t wash my car. It sort of sheds its own skin every few years. My good little snookums! Such a good widdle car! (I have to be extra nice to it cuz it’s coming up on 200,000 miles.)

    Hmm. wait. Maybe I *should* wash my car after all.

  2. “Anyhoo”? Shell station at Huntington and Shamrock here in Monrovia. Gas price is average for town, but they have all new equipment and the towel guy at the end really takes the time to dry your car off and get the brake dust remnants out of the spokes…all for $6 for the super wash on a fill up.

  3. I usually splurge and once a month or so, I take my car to the hand wash on La Cienega & 18th. If I remember to go early in the week it’s eight or nine bucks.

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