Choo-Choo bastards.

train2006.jpgTrain horns on cars. Yes, they exist. Yes, they’re as painfully annoying as you’d expect. And yes, they’re here in Los Angeles.

I first heard of them during a KCAL9 news segment a couple weeks ago (video here), and in spite of how much sympathy I felt for the people they show being blasted by these horns, I have to say I laughed my ass off. That said, if it happened to me, it might easily send me into a violent spree against the offending vehicle. A unexpected horn can make me jump under normal circumstances, let alone by a horn with an estimated 152 decibels.

Of course, since seeing the news clip I’ve heard the horn being used outside on Franklin Ave. here, interrupting my tai-chi practice and tempting me to set up a machine gun nest on my roof.

And a final yes: Yes, installing and using a train horn on your car is illegal. California Vehicle Code prohibits horns that “emit an unreasonably loud or harsh sound” (section 27000a), as is using a horn for any other reason besides insuring your safety or as part of a “theft alarm system” (section 27001a).  Meaning even without a train horn, that asshole blasting his car horn to get his girlfriend to hurry up can be given a ticket.

Photo © 2006 Alen Lin. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Choo-Choo bastards.”

  1. lmao on the concept, there was a time back in the day where a few of my buds put those damn air horns from diesel trucks in their cars. All that aside, I really hate those twits who are too lazy to go to the door and sit in the street blasting their horns. Then again I don’t have a problem with confrontation so its only happens once.

  2. I got blasted by that horn last wednesday night outside of a club on Sunset. SUPER annoying. Scared the piss out of me!

  3. Hell, I think that any car horn, train-volume or not, should be wired so that honking it gives a painful electric shock to the user. This would make the world a much better place.

  4. There you go again. Your statement “train horn on your car is illegal” is just plain wrong and you even give us the ammo to shoot you in the foot. The law just states it can’t be loud, not that it can’t come form a train horn. Part of your problem is that you can’t see any point of view but your own. You don’t get to interpret the law to anyone but yourself. Learn to state things as they are. I don’t like horn honkers anymore than you. But I don’t like your revision the facts even more. Credibility is everything in this world. Think before you open your mouth.

  5. Grumpy, I’d agree with you, but that train horns are, by nature, excessively loud for an auto.
    If quiet train horns exist, its probably because I haven’t heard them.
    So, if someone installs a train horn that isn’t too loud, or modifies one so that it stays relatively quiet, they’re legal. But from my interpretation, and what is widely available on the internet, the horns are excessively loud and thus illegal.

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