Joe Rogan Calls Out Carlos Mencia, Gets Banned From Comedy Store

Anyone who knows anyone who is a comedian knows that one of the worst things a comedian can do is steal another comedians material. The only thing worse than that is to steal a lot of comedians material and make a bunch of money off of it. Which is apparently what Carlos Mencia did, or rather does. I’ve been hearing people mention this for a while, and Joe Rogan finally confronted him about it publicly. On stage at the Comedy Store. The video is after the jump so you can see it your self, but the really messed up this is now Joe is banned from the Comedy Store. He writes:

“It’s also indicative of this massive problem we have in the comedy community in general. Here you have a club that basically sells other people’s art. They put the chairs there, sell the drinks and turn the mic on, and the artists do the rest. You have a situation where a comic that’s been known for stealing other people material gets called out onstage, exposed, and then the video is put on the internet for all to see, and their reaction is to ban the guy that exposed him and made the video. To the thief, they sit back quietly and profit from his crime.”

Video is after the jump, and if after watching it you feel like telling the Comedy Store that this is totally bullshit, they can be reached at 323 656 6225 or via e-mail at [email protected]

11 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Calls Out Carlos Mencia, Gets Banned From Comedy Store”

  1. His material, stolen or otherwise, is not for me. I just can’t believe he has enough of a following to keep his Comedy Central show afloat. Also, what’s his real name this week? Ned Holness? Ned Mencia? His PR folks haven’t settled on that. And does “nee” only apply to women, or would it be correct to address him as “Carlos Mencia, nee Ned ___.” Strunk & White is silent on this very important matter.

  2. You’d think that with his pilfering of other peoples bits he’d manage to have some decent comedy instead of the jr. high jokes he calls a routine.

  3. This was like Christmas for me. Maybe next Rogan will join forces with David Cross and ambush Larry the Cable Guy calling him out on his suckage.

  4. I’ve tried watching Mencia with an open mind on a couple of occasions, and never quite get it. It isn’t that I don’t get the jokes, its just that the jokes really aren’t that funny. I also question the intelligence of people who claim his “brand” of humor is “smart” — maybe his delivery is appealing to some, but there’s nothing clever about his act.

  5. “Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso

    Maybe Carlos did use some material from other comics, but most of his material is original and very funny in my opinion. I would put him in the same league as George Lopez and Dave Chappelle.

    Many “gabachos” will not get the jokes, so I understand that his appeal may be limited.

  6. Joe has been on Carlos for a while now and it seems he’s more obsessed with bashing Carlos than trying to work on his material, which most definitely needs alot of work. Joe may have tasted (mild)success on TV with Fear Factor, commentating for the UFC, and his painful-to-watch hijacking of the “Man Show”. But he never hit it big with his comedy. Speaking of, wasn’t being on the Man Show and running it to the ground like kidnapping someone’s material and then killing it.

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