Sweatin’ Bullets (2/14/07): [email protected] Valentine’s Day

photo by Tristen PeltonPhoto by Tristen Pelton.

Lofty Thought writes a love letter to L.A., professing “One thing I’ve had to come to grips with: I do not define the city, the city defines me.”

The LA Times Pressman’s Club suggests that instead of giving roses to a loved one, give a donation in their name to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. “They’ll see that your heart is really in the right place.”

Cephyn is single this Valentines Day, and “Not for lack of trying.”

Ghetto Photo Girl chides the anti-V Day cynics with a list of things she loves, including this city: “For all its many faults, it is home. And has my heart. All over its twisty canyon roads.”

Despite a flu, the L.A. Mommy was able to get her toddler to sign all of her V-Day cards without a tantrum. Surprised she didn’t ask Tristen to help make cookies.

IndyJane falls for the trick where the boyfriend “accidentally” pulls out a card for a jeweler. That’ll earn her man a few more months of slack.