Suicide Wednesdays @ Vine Bar…


Top: Napalm Suicide; Bottom: Luque Suicide

Two weeks ago, when I checked in with Suicide Girl Napalm Suicide during the opening hour of the inaugural edition of Suicide Wednesdays at Vine Bar, she was understandably busy being a hostess, making sure everything was just perfect, but she took time out to explain to me her concept and vision of this weekly party, which is mirrored below:

I wanted to find a place where the SG community could get together once a week to get trashed, have fun and go home with a crazy story to tell all their friends. And being a SG staff member, SG staff photographer, SuicideGirl, and radio host for indie103, I run into people all the time who ask about throwing an SG night. So I thought, wouldn’t it be a blast to finally meet all of the interesting, different and unique SGs and members I interact with online everyday all mixed up in one crazy hip spot partying together? Of course it does darlings! Suicide Wednesdays gives you a good reason to party on Wednesdays and allows you wonderful LA party goers to meet and greet with the SuicideGirls of LA. Members of the site and even you newbies can get a warm welcome into the SG world and a better feel for the SG community all around. This night should be what the SG community wants it to be. We are always open to suggestions, requests, or ideas on how to make the night more fun for everyone. SGs and members are now active on a global scale, but I would love to bring some of us together in this small corner of the world. So put down the Guitar Hero and stop playing World of Warcraft and get you ass out to Suicide Wednesdays!

And while I wisecracked to Napalm and her friend Luque Suicide about how busy it was, an hour later, Vine Bar was packed with a surprising number of regular women and Suicide Girls (I had predicted an all-out sausage fest due to the Suicide Girls label), DJ Kelly Ko continued to spin tunes from her booth, and I was entertained by a conversation with a random English gentleman at the bar about how in his younger days he had done so much cocaine on the night of his girlfriend’s birthday party that a bartender later told him that his beard looked like it had been caked in snow.

When the biggest problem of the night is the bartender running out of change (and Heineken), I’d say it was a pretty successful night. Not to mention memorable with a coke story that sounds like it was straight out of comedian Artie Lange’s drug-addled past.

Tonight’s edition not only happens to be on Valentine’s Day, but it’s Napalm’s birthday. I’ll be there.

Suicide Wednesdays @ Vine Bar
1235 N. Vine St.
9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
No Cover

Three photos and a flyer after the jump.


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