Minipop @ The Troubadour…


Pictured: Tricia Kanne

Last Wednesday, the San Francisco-based band Minipop (MySpace) opened for Monsters Are Waiting (MySpace) and stellastarr* (MySpace) @ The Troubadour in West Hollywood.

Here is LA-Underground‘s profile, which I stumbled upon after the show:

We’ve been lucky to catch Minipop since the first L.A. shows they did a few years ago, all the while snatching up as many of those Precious EPs as we could in prep for what we predicted to be bigger things to come. The band has been getting a bit of a buzz in recent months with this demo album they’ve been shopping around and so we made sure we caught the band once more before things get kinda hectic. A little BMI showcase at the Troubadour felt like the appropriate place to get reacquainted since there’s nothing like a performance under industry pressure on a big stage with lots of suits folding their arms pretending to listen to you. “Precious” is and will probably always be their best song (it’s just too good), but we are also madly in love with “Ask Me a Question”, “My Little Bee”, and “Odyssey”. On record, one might notice a finer production touch than their previous recording which could be accredited to the magical ear of co-producer Chris Manning (yes, that Chris Manning). Still, this is all for naught without the delicate whisper of Kanne who posseses one of the sweetest voices this side of Karen Peris.

Minipop return on March 3rd to The Troubadour when they open for Midlake (MySpace).

Three photos, plus four photos from Monsters Are Waiting’s set that night, after the jump.