LA Logs on With Citywide WIFI Initiative

FINALLY!!!!! LA is jumping into the future, which actually is right now, and getting citywide WIFI. You gotta hand it to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for backing the LA WIFI Initiative. It’s a wonderful thing to provide access to the internet to everybody and this will go a long way to do just that. As mentioned by lavoice, the LA Times and blogdowntown this initiative will provide wireless access to the city of Los Angeles by 2009 and be one of the largest urban wireless networks. It will cover about 498 square miles and the estimated final cost is around 62 million. Well worth it!

6 thoughts on “LA Logs on With Citywide WIFI Initiative”

  1. While excited by the news, I don’t hand anything to the mayor. Touting wifi in this day and age is like championing electric light or paved streets 100 years ago.

  2. i hope this has the bandwidth to handle voip.

    i went to sign up with dslextreme the other day but encountered some weird stuff in their signup form — they asked for my SS number. i don’t
    like to give that out so i called and asked what’s up. the rep. said “that’s to keep illegal aliens from signing up for our service” the reasoning being that if someone gets deported then the phone company charges dslextreme $220 for the disconnect.

    so i’m going to share a fast plan with my neighbor instead.

  3. I love wifi as much as the next guy, but $62 million is a ton of money, to be paid by …?

    And if, as i suspect, it is to be paid by, um, ME, shouldn’t I have had the opportunity to VOTE on such a thing?

    While you all bag on me for spending money on shoes instead of feeding needy families: I wonder what percentage of the population would even know how to use free wifi, let alone consider it a necessity worth paying higher taxes for.

  4. It’s all about money and giving the rich more free toys and access. I see the plaintiffs bar frothing at the chance to get free ‘net access. Do you think the poor in this city have PC’s let alone WIFI enabled laptops. Come on, see it for what it is, more freebies for those who can anything.

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