Calling All Bloggers – PARTY!!!!!!1!11

Got a blog? Want to get together with other folks in LA who have blogs. And who blog and stuff. Well we’re working with to make that happen. Tuesday, March 6th, we’re all getting together at Bar Lubitsch and talking shop. And by shop I mean blogs. And most likely drinking. The event is from 7 to 9 PM and there are more details here. This is an event for bloggers only and you have to RSVP which you can do here. Yes the RSVP form asks for a bunch of professional info, but I think it’s just the default one Mediabistro always uses so don’t let it scare you away.

If you aren’t a blogger and want to go, I highly recommend VOX as a good place to start – it’s free and fast to set up – you’ll be a blogger in no time! That said, we don’t want any job seekers showing up so head hunters keep your distance!

3 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers – PARTY!!!!!!1!11”

  1. Awesome!! My whole family are bloggers. My dad, my mom, my brothers and sisters. Even my grandparents! I’m going to bring them along. Oh and last week, we even set up a blog for my dog. How cute eh? teehee I even know that my mail man and butcher are bloggers. I think I’ll let them know about this event. It will be super cool and then we can blog about it when we get home! Blogging is so superly awesome!

    Take that you damn journalists!

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