Surreal Encounter with a Sheriff’s Convoy

This evening I was driving back from class in San Pedro to Silverlake. I got on the 110 north at Sepulveda (after a stop at the 99 Cent Only Store to see if perhaps the Harbor City one was the real Valentine’s Headquarters). As I got on I saw a buttload of lights behind me. I thought, “Oh, they’re running a break.” No biggie, they’re ALWAYS running breaks on the 110 on Tuesday nights around 9 PM.

So I get on, stay over in the far right and go about 50 miles per hour. And then they pass me … all SIXTEEN brand spankin’ new LA Sheriff’s cars. At least I think they were new, none had license plates or those little numbers on the back.

After I realized that they were driving together for whatever reason, I got over to the left and stayed there. (Of course going no faster than them.)

They stayed on the freeway going exactly 64 miles per hour and then exited en masse at the 91, all turning on their lights like they were those crazy scout ships in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.