Is the 99¬¢ Only Store really the Valentines HQ? YouTuber “supricky06” finds out.

supricky06 hits the 99 cent storeSo, this guy Chris moved to LA from Crystal Lake, IL a few years ago to become a musician and stuff. You know the drill. Finally fed up with working at restaurants and clubs, he quit one day and started posting a couple vlog type video on YouTube.

Flash forward five months later. Chris, known to hundreds of thousands of internet users as supricky06, is now ranked in the top 100 of all time “Most Subscribed Directors”, and this week is the 24th most viewed filmmaker on YouTube. Regardless of if he’s posting a clip of him just rapping about the day into the camera, or taking his video camera with him to Runyon Canyon so his viewers can experience a run with him, each video is regularly viewed tens thousand times or more.

Chris laughs at his status as an internet celebrity (exact quote: “Haha. Web celeb.”) When asked if this was leading to bigger and better things, Chris said that he’s indeed been contacted by some people “who shall remain nameless about doing video logs for them. This is all going to TV very soon.”

More, including video, after the jump.

Until then, Chris says he likes to hang out at little taquerias, and spends some time at Big Wangs. “Cheap beer and fun people.”

More recently, Chris stopped off at the 99¬¢ Only Store to see if it lived up to the title on the banner outside reading “Valentines Headquarters”. With a budget of $6 he tried he put together a basket of goodies, then took to the streets of Hollywood to find out what girls thought of his purchase.

6 thoughts on “Is the 99¬¢ Only Store really the Valentines HQ? YouTuber “supricky06” finds out.”

  1. Holy shit. I wish my boyfriend would put together a basket of love from the 99 cent store for me. But alas, the 99 cent chain has not found its way out to MA. :( sniff sniff.

  2. Amazing..simply amazing. i posted this on my myspace as one of the best valentines day gifts. I would TOTALLY dig a ninja turtle valentines day card. Think i can get one =]

    Happy Valentines Day Chris!! Keep it up boy!


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