Question of the Week: Name Your Local Gang!

by Alley Cat L.A.On Thursday, Mayor Villairagosa and Police Chief Bratton issued a list of the 11 worst gangs in Los Angeles.

Villaraigosa said he hoped that identifying the gangs would lead to a “more informed and confident community.” However, LAPD officials could not say Thursday how many members were thought to be in nearly half of the 11 gangs, or how many violent crimes each targeted gang was suspected of committing. (LA Times)

In an effort to help our readers become a “more informed community”, this question of the week may actually be a little more like homework, and may not result in making anyone more “confident”.

The assignment: in the comments let us know which gang or gangs call your neighborhood or nearby community their turf.

(Feel free to also mention any first or second hand accounts of gang activity in your ‘hood that have been of concern, or actions by residents or policy that have helped alleviate the problem.)

If you need help looking up your local gang, check out the map for your part of the city at the LAPD’s Gang Injunction page,  or try, which offers a few resources including an exhaustive listing of Los Angeles gangs and their histories.

Here at LaBrea and Franklin (as well as most of Hollywood), we have the 18th Street Gang – possibly LA’s largest. While I’ve heard they’re active just east of Cahuenga, I’ve never seen or heard of activity in my immediate neighborhood.

…photo by Alley Cat L.A.

8 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Name Your Local Gang!”

  1. Luckily and thankfully I live in an area where actual gangs have not infected the area and call their own.

  2. Hey AP,

    I heard that the last Aztlan member went to jail a couple of years ago. That’s what caused the little spate of drive-bys and fire bombings around Vendome & Marathon (The 18th St gang was moving in on the Silver Lake 13 turf, SL 13 having a reputation of not being tough and dependant on Aztlan for firepower).

    That being said, I am, like you, living amongst the SL XIII.

  3. I’d heard that about Aztlan, too, but I’ve seen a few of their tags popping up again in the past couple months.

  4. why not sick the homeland security barney fifes on the gang bangers? give them something to do

  5. They’re a little busy with the hair gel thing. The ongoing slaughter of an entire generation of urban Americans – so far removed from the heartland – can’t top the insidious hair gel threat.

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