Missing Connections at the Apple Store

applestore.jpgI think that craigslist is seriously one of the best things ever. I think this for a lot of reasons, but the most fun one is that reading missed connections is HILARIOUS. Seriously, back when I used to be bored at work it was an amazing way to perk up a day. What I’ve found is that, over time, it seems the most likely place to miss a connection is at one of the multiple Apple Stores around town. Now, being an Apple-using sort of fellow who is also pretty enamored with cute girls, I figured that maybe I could get this to work for me. So whenever I’ve been in a mall lately, which isn’t so often, I’ve to wandered through the Apple Store. Repeatedly, I have found NO ONE to make eyes at! No one! C’mon, Los Angeles, am I the ONLY person not getting connections, let alone missing them, at the Apple Store? You’re killing me. Maybe some of y’all readers have had better luck missing connections at the Apple Store than I have. Anyone?

7 thoughts on “Missing Connections at the Apple Store”

  1. really? I always thought I was seeing more MC’s at Trader Joes than anywhere else. Especially TJ’s in Silverlake, but not so much the past few months. Although I have seen some seriously fine men in the Apple stores at the Grove and the Bev. Center. Filter it by w4m/m4m, etc and see if it’s just that hot guys and less-than-hot chicks are Macaphiliacs.

  2. oh! trader joes is a big one too but i seldom find myself there and i’m always confused when i am there, i’ll try to miss some connections there next time too!

  3. See, here’s the thing. To get the girls you have to hang where the girls ARE. Try a yoga class (approximately 7 to 1 ratio, female to male) grocery stores, lingerie stores. Happy hunting! Now for you girls…. yeah baby Apple rules for MC’s!!!!!!!

  4. sorry to break it to you, but mac land is filled with dudes. worse still, many of them are ‘mo’s, which works for me but leaves you empty handed. i suggest bookshops, have you ever perused skylight? its like a chick magnet.

  5. A girl I know from law school just had a MC she found on Kizmeet. I also read MCs when I’m bored (which is often these days), so out of curiosity I checked and there indeed were a handful of ones at Apple Stores. Maybe that’ll be my new hangout… once I dump my IBM.

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